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Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround

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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.



An enduring art that has been admired for countless generations, the carving of marble and stone is an ancient skill that dates back to the beginning of time.  It takes many years of training and painstaking practice to learn its finer points and carefully transform a slab of marble into an architectural work of art.
At Richard A. Oliva & Sons, Inc each work, from the simplest to the most complex, is carefully produced with the finest detail and greatest care by the twelve well-qualified employees.  Craftsmen fabricate marble and granite in the company's facility at 1215 Five Springs Road in Charlottesville


Your new countertop, floor, wall or patio will be installed with the experience and care handed down from generations past.  The same attention to detail is taken whether we are putting in a residential backsplash or the floor of an entire shopping center.


Ceramic Tile Walls and Floor with Accent Strip and Base

Whether its formal elegance, rustic casual or arts and crafts style, we can help you with design. You may know exactly what you are looking for, have a general idea on what you want your project to look like or may not have any ideas yet.  No matter where you are with your project, we will help you to create your perfect space.

Fabricating The Inside Corners of a Sink Cut Out

Countertop Edging

Straight Edge Profile

Laminated Edge Profile

Inside Sink Corners


NOTICE: At this time we DO NOT accept Credit/Debit cards.  Cash or Check ONLY!  Sorry for any inconvenience.